Industry 4.0 is a structured framework to connect smart machines and sensors using cyber physical systems to cloud architecture without laborious IT database manpower and servers unlike Industry 3.0.


AMT-Tech’s cyber physical system/modules are efficient to interconnect embedded devices transforming them into “Unified Smart Devices”. AMT-Tech’s innovative Cyber physical systems(CPS) in collaboration with Nosql database provide a platform of highly scalable applications for the Industry 4.0.We provide embedded hardware,software design development services,protocol conversion from modbus to OPC UA and MQTT in order to minimize the workload of ERP integrators.

We provide an extensive range of reliable sensor solutions for M2M communication including GPS, Bluetooth, RFID and Wi-Fi modules. Our intelligent devices and systems can serve as computing applications for data analysis.With over 20+ years of niche experience in working as a product engineering cohort to major companies such as Bosch,GM,A-eberle and technology associates across the globe AMT-Tech understands the challenges faced by most product development companies. We offer Embedded IoT and Product Engineering services to help product development R&D teams succeed while saving on the expensive R&D budget. At AMT-Tech, we address the prerequisites of clients across the lifecycle of products from proof of concept stage through the release of a fully functional product, and product support.We leverage our skills across the technologies and agile development methodologies to provide superior Embedded Product Engineering services across various domains such as Automotive, Media, Cloud Computing and Renewable energy.

We also provide full manufacturing services with our partner companies.

Service Focus:

  • Shop floor machine analysis & connectivity to ERP design
  • Protocol conversion
  • Mechatronics design services (BLDC based system design)
  • Open source database interface
  • Embedded Hardware Software development
  • Testing & validation services
  • IT consulting manpower services
  • Manufacturing services