Cloud computing is the set of hardware and software as groups of remote servers that exchange data to serve as centralized data storage and computing resources for online access.

In today’s world, the key is finding a single provider that not only offers the number and types of applications you might require, but also robust services when you need them most: in the planning phase, during implementation and as changes occur. AMT-Tech has the indepth industry and technology expertise that you need to keep your business to the next generation.

Our Cloud experts can help you develop an IT strategy that’s right for your business. Being partnered with AMT-Tech you can see how combining legacy systems with in-house and public cloud deployments can give you sought-after agility, flexibility and focus without compromising production workloads.

Our Cloud Services includes:

  • System design, engineering and implementation
  • Disaster avoidance planning and recovery
  • Total systems solutions
  • Cloud consulting Services
  • Onsite and remote technical support
  • Remote backup
  • Network security assessments and solutions

Please contact us to know more on our Cloud Consulting Services.